Communications and Design
Nonprofits need to promote themselves--to clients, funders, legislators, and the public. I'm skilled at crafting a message, designing collateral materials, and working with the media.
Design Workshop:
How to design flyers, webpages, and other communications materials

Learn the difference between good and bad layouts for flyers, webpages and other communications materials. This is an introductory workshop geared towards staff who don’t have a design background. Bring materials you are currently working on and learn layout, design, and writing tips you can apply immediately.

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Branding your materials with a consistent look, logo and style is key to making them recognizable as being yours--and not your competitor's.

For the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, I started with a logo that shows where in Sudan Darfur is located. I then created advocacy postcards, combining poignant photos with a simple, clear explanation for laypeople about the rape, pillaging and genocide taking place in Darfur. The back of the postcards contain color-coordinated images that match the logo. The "Not on my watch" image was captured beautifully in a Boston Globe photo. I then developed flyers for a rally, using the same theme as the postcards. The slogan I created, "400 people died today," was picked up by others and used in e-mail alerts, and even on a poster hand-drawn by someone attending the rally.

Of course, accurate data is at the core of all communications materials.
Media Relations
I ran a publicity campaign for Mosaic, an outdoor club, by taking advantage of an awards luncheon—the perfect opportunity to generate publicity. I wrote press releases, tailored for award recipients in each town. See a sample article from the Belmont Citizen-Herald. I have worked with the media to develop stories, and understand the importance of becoming a subject matter expert reporters can call when they have stories due.
Ads, flyers, newsletters and other materials
Collaterial materials need to be clear, have a theme or message that stands out, and have a design that matches the organization's image.

I overhauled the Jamaica Plain Historical Society's newsletter. Compare the layout of the old newsletter with my more sophisticated publication, which has pullquotes (enlarged quotes), a new masthead, and better presentation of the articles. (Click on each image to enlarge it.)

I designed a postcard for Mosaic, a Jewish outdoor group in need of a more sophisticated look to attract younger members. I also designed a coupon for the Hub on Wheels bike festival, a little tricky because of all the logos that needed to be included.
The Franklin Park Coalition lacked a website--the key venue for communicating with volunteers, park users and advocates. I created a website for the organization, writing webpages on everything from Frederick Law Olmsted, the park's designer, to volunteering at the park.
Video promotion
I developed a promotional video for Boston Urban Stewards, a youth environmental group. Using footage shot by the teens, I created an 8-minute video using Final Cut Express non-linear video editing software. The video is targeted at funders, but can also be used as a recruitment tool. The kids are cute, the trees are beautiful--and more importantly, I convey a consistent message about the organization.
Public Speaking
I am skilled at making presentations, be it to your Board of Directors, managers, or key stakeholders. I have given testimony at public hearings, and have been interviewed on television.