My background
After teaching both English to inner-city students in Philadelphia, as well as ESL students here at Somerville High School, I returned to school to get my Master's in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government in 2003-2004.

Over the years, I have worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations, starting with Polymap software company, which needed a better Help section. I have used my research and writing skills throughout my consulting work, from working on websites to writing grant proposals, reports, and newsletters. I have also written newspaper articles on a variety of topics. In addition, I fulfilled my dream of using use my video editing skills when I volunteered to create a video for Boston Urban Stewards.

My civic involvement has spanned membership on JP Centre/South Main Street's Design Committee, the Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur and the Brookline Bicycle Committee. I also founded and ran clubs at both high schools I taught in, working with some wonderful kids.

My work has touched a wide range of causes. I created a 2-month unit on the environment for my ESL students, covering water pollution, agribusiness, deforestation, and more. I am very interested in urban planning, which led to my involvement with JP Centre/South Main Streets. A strong supporter of Israel, I have consulted for two Israel advocacy organizations. Other causes include health care, education and homelessness.